The Rights Collective is a group of South Asian womxn who are looking to tackle the distinct and often subtle ways in which disempowerment, inequality, trauma and harm manifests within the South Asian diaspora community in the U.K..

Womxn and individuals with other marginalised identities (often based on caste, sexuality and gender, for example) are likely to have less power and face violent forms of discrimination from within and outside of our community. At The Rights Collective, we believe it is our role to dismantle and subvert some of these norms within our own spaces.

In particular, we work to better understand how gendered experiences manifest in our community spaces and how we can facilitate a shift towards justice, equity and harm reduction. Our collective and individual experiences have shown us how certain practices, deeply embedded socio-cultural norms, and the ‘immigrant’ experience can negatively shape and uphold notions of what womxn should be and their rights to determine the parameters of their life and reality.

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The Rights Collective

The Rights Collective envisions a future that centres marginalised voices from within the South Asian community, in all its difference, in building a society that is founded on principles of equity, justice, collective leadership, and accountability.