📚 Launching Caste Resource Pack

A collection of resources summarised by the team with reflection questions to guide users to interrogate caste and caste-privilege in our communities.

Hi folks, we’re excited to launch the first of our learning resources for our community. Following on from our anti-caste reading circle, we thought it was crucial to share learning tools for some of the key texts we discussed in the sessions.

This first resource pack contains summaries of anti-caste texts including the undelivered speech The Annihilation of Caste by Dr. Ambedkar, Gendering Caste by Uma Chakravarty and more. Each primer includes a summary of the key ideas and arguments as well as reflection questions at the end to prompt you to engage with these materials critically in your own contexts.

We encourage you to use these guides as an educational tool in your communities and study circles when discussing caste. If you want more information, have questions, or would like to let us know how you’re getting on with these resources, please drop us an email.

In solidarity & resistance,

The Rights Collective

“Caste is a multi-storeyed tower with no staircase and no entrance. Everybody had to die in the storey they were born in.” - Dr. Ambedkar

Please click on the below to be directed to each individual resource summary.

“No untouchable with the name will be proud of this land” - Dr. Ambedkar

As a volunteer-led collective, we currently have no funds to compensate our team so will be appreciative of any donations for the continued running of our work.


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